Animation from Our Gift

Animation from Our Gift

Louise Reigstad
by LouiseR, YulianaRamos, and nishijk93 on 25 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Animations from my last school production at Media design School. These shots that I am showing are fully animated by me and it went through the pipeline and got worked on by many other talented artist from Higher Us Studios.

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Animation from the short Our Gift (2021), A production from Media Design School by Higher US Studios

The following shots were three out of seven shots that I animated over the period of 3 weeks,  our production lasted 11 weeks in total, and was done by 7 members of Higher Us Studios.  

This first shot was our introduction shot, and the following people helped me with the other parts of the pipeline for this shot. Character modeled by Ingrid Yuliana Ramos Uc (YulianaRamos). Character Rigged by Peter Mork Bednarz (TheOrangeArtist). Fire and match rig done by Juan Daniel Supriatna (ToriiScandalous). Candle model and all textures in this shot was done by Chholyda Seang (Chholyda). Lighting and animation was done by me. Compositing by Peter Mork Bednarz, Final grade by Nishanth Jk (nishijk93) and Edit by Demetrios Kourti (demetriosKourti). 

This shot was our introduction to the danger that the little girl (Lily) was unknowingly surrounded by. Character modeled by Peter Mork Bednarz. Character Rigged by Ingrid Yuliana Ramos Uc. Little Girl textures, lighting and compositing in this shot was done by Peter Mork Bednarz. Animation was done by me. Final grade by Nishanth Jk (nishijk93) and Edit by Demetrios Kourti (demetriosKourti).

This shot was a reaction shot part of the end of the short. Background elements done by Chholyda Seang (Chholyda). Lighting, animation and compositing was done by me, and Edit by Demetrios Kourti (demetriosKourti).


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