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My Portfolio Works

My Portfolio Works

by gargiroy on 22 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is a compilation of my portfolio pieces showcasing my deepest visual interests which are rooted in fantasy and myth. As per style, I personally love traditional painting and try to maintain a painterly feel through most of my paintings.

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Character Design - The Witch Doctor

Environment Concept-The Land of Wonder

Environment Concept - The Experiment

Environement Concept-The Empyrean Realm

Environment Concept-The Temple Ruins

Environment Concept (3/4 view) - The RV of a Investigative Journalist

Environment Concept (3/4 view) - Evil Medieval Fortress

Environment Concept (3/4 view) - Abandoned Medieval Cabin

Character Concept - Arthur, the merchant

Portraiture using glazing techniques.

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