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Stylised friends

Stylised friends

Sasha Kuznetsova
by kxznetsova on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is my first entry to the Rookies contest! In this entry I would like to showcase the best work that I have done for the past six months, that I feel reflects the kind of style I want to continue working in when it comes to creating video game assets.

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An Afternoon Together

The first project I want to showcase is one where I came up with my own brief. I decided to base my project off of the things I enjoy doing the most as I am stuck at home in lockdown, and I went for creating my dog and myself relaxing in a park near my home, which I would make into a diorama. I wanted to try and create stylised assets for this project, and I took inspiration from Ooblets, a game in early access developed by Glumberland.

I started the project off with creating the environment first. As mentioned before, I wanted to base my project off of an existing style, so I studied the assets presented in Ooblets and created some other unique assets that I still thought would match with what was in Ooblets. I imported everything I had of the environment into Unreal Engine. Images 1 - 4 showcase the state of the project before Cel-Shading was implemented and Image 5 shows what the project looked like after.

The next thing to work on was the characters. Again, I made sure to follow the Ooblets style but to also make the models my own.

First up is the sculpture of myself. Here's the highpoly version I made in Zbrush, with some preplanned colours:

I also made a sculpt of my dog in highpoly:

Once that was done, I retopologised both in Maya and then Textured them in using Substance Painter. I made to test out what they looked like in Unreal Engine before posing my characters

I was happy with how that looked, so I posed my characters the way I wanted, made some final adjustments and that was the end of that project.

Culinary Coalition - Non Playable Character

The next project I worked on this year is called Culinary Coalition, which is a top-down bullet-hell cooking game. You can download and play the game here. In the first part of the project my job was to create a concept and sculpt of the NPCs for all of the different stages in the game. 

UVs for the model:

Culinary Coalition - Frederico

Another Non-Playable Character in Culinary Coalition that I modelled is Frederico, a sentient banana who helps the boss in the 1st level of the game. The concept and design was done by Oskar Samovičs, or 'selachi', here on The Rookies.

UVs for the model:

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