Sant Marti Villa, Day and Night Project

Sant Marti Villa, Day and Night Project

Welcome to my Rookies entry "Sant Marti Villa, Day&Night Project". It's my first Archviz project, which will hopefully become one among many in the future! Please enjoy.

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Sant Marti Villa, Day & Night Project

3DSMAX | V-Ray | Photoshop | Marvelous Designer | ZBrush

This started out as an assignment as part of my course work but  evolved into being a personal project. This is the first "proper" Archviz project I've ever done, so there was quite a few challenges and alot to learn. in addition to this being my first Archviz project, i wanted to use it as an opportunity to work with Marvelous Designer and Zbrush. I've been fascinated with what you could do in each of them ever since starting my education, and decided this was a great project to learn some of the basics in each of the programs.

Details + Breakdown 

In total i spent 3 weeks for the entirety of this project. I've modelled everything except the firewood, books on the table and window as well as the candles in the window. 

Some textures like the fireplace on the right or the windows were made 100% by me, but the large majority where from Megascans and then heavily modified.

with Marvelous Designer and Zbrush i tried out 2 different workflows to create the couch and pillow.
The pillows were made in Marvelous Designer, with larger details being modelled in 3DS Max.

for the couch I created a base shape in 3DS Max, imported it to Marvelous Designer and made the cloth, then imported it to ZBrush were i used custom brushes to add more details.

                               Progression Breakdown

                     Day Render Composite Breakdown

                  Night Render Composite Breakdown

                                        Wireframe Render

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