Realistic Restroom & type of Glock for VR

Realistic Restroom & type of Glock for VR

Josep Belles Serret
by JosepBS on 20 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I will show you some of my latest work at 3d. Enjoy and if you like it, leave a like.

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This was my first try at recreating a realistic post-apocalyptic scenario. I did it during my second year at FX Animation school.

I used Substance Alchemist to create the materials for the architecture, and I finished polishing them in Substance Painter. The rest of textures/decals were done with Substance Painter. The object modelling was done in 3dsMax. As I did with UE4, I used the BoxReflenctionCapture to give a more realistic detail to the architecture materials. With the ilumination and the decals, I tried to transmit the feeling of dirt and stink, and I used vertex paint to fill the spots of the mud floor. I hope you like it! 

To see the evolution that the project had during its creation, here I leave an Slider where you will see it from the BlockOut to the final result, passing through all the different project phases.


First try of hard surface in a gun similar to Glock. It's prepared to VR. I textured it with Substance Painter but I modeled it with 3dsMax and I made the High&HardSurface with zBrush.

I hope you like it!

Thanks for watching! 

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