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The Last Record

The Last Record

by crescentlwc on 20 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

The Last Record is a game where player needs to escape from a hospital while finding their ghost hunting team member by exploring the hospital and avoid the hidden enemy.

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The Last Record

The Last Record is a horror game project that I design and code based on a real location. The game required the player to role-play as a member of a ghost hunting team and went on to explore inside a collapsed hospital in Malaysia. 

The Purpose of The Game

The Last Record is my level 5 final project from The One Academy's Digital Media Design degree program. It is was my first ever 3D game that I've designed the story plot setting, area for exploration, and everything else. I've chosen to make a horror game for my final project is because I, as a gamer, loves to play horror game and I wanted to learn how to design a horror game by relying on atmosphere, music instead of just graphics.

Gameplay features

Hide and run: Hiding and try to avoid the enemy. The game uses a passive approach which required the player to be extremely cautious and try not to get caught by the enemy.

Nightvision: Player needs to use their night vision camera to explore the dark areas by consuming camera's battery. Which means player need to conserve the battery and find more battery as well.

Multiple Endings: There are total of 4 different endings in the game depending on how many team members the player can find in the hospital.


The team - Ghostrail from the United States decided to set out to an abandoned hospital in Malaysia to live video on the social media platforms. Nothing happened when they are exploring but when they enter got on the 4th floor, they realized that one of their team members, Oscar is gone. When they went back and find Oscar, they realize that Oscar is dead and killed by a woman with white clothes and a knife. The team creeped out and separated from each other.

 Tao T, The person who is filming for Ghostrail during every exploration. Holding a camera & mic and film every possible spot following his teammates to capture evidence of paranormal. He is still new to the team so Griffin did not really assign a lot of jobs to him. Recording & filming is all he does during the mission.

Tao T is the character where the player will control. Players are required to use his night vision camera to complete the game.

Nightvision Comparison

The game is highly dependent on the night vision camera that consumes batteries. Therefore the player needs to conserve batteries and think smart about when to and when not to use the camera.

Special thanks to:

Mark Novikov & DNK-Dev - 3D model artist

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