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by jingyiloh on 23 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

"Lumiere" is a first-person color-based puzzle game that allows players to tease their mind.

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Game description

Lumiere is a first-person color puzzle game. With the help of clues, players will be solving color-based puzzles by using colored candles. Hopefully, filling up the environment with wonders of colors, collecting all moon pieces and saving your family!

Game purpose

This game is to strengthen players’ observation and memorization of colors by being able to explore the different clues surrounding them in order to solve the puzzles. 

Gameplay features and details 

Magical candles: Different colored candles will be available at different spots for players to pick up

Magical windows: The accurate colored candles will light up the different parts of the windows. When fully lighten up, players will be able to obtain a specific moon piece.

Moon pieces: The collection of moon pieces will be indicated on the screen. A full collection will allow players to save their family out from the main window.

Gameplay video


You and your family are new in town. One day, you’re back from school but your family has vanished from thin air. Rumors were spreading in town saying that they went into Moonbow; a magical cathedral and never came back out.

No one dares to enter Moonbow, you are your family’s only hope. You will have to explore the place at night when it is fully “alive”. Be wise and find a way to save your trapped family out. 

Special thanks! 

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