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William | Under the surface

William | Under the surface

William Maggs
by WilliamMaggs on 22 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I am learning how to improve my storytelling through concept art and character designs. This entry takes you through the surface level and the depths of my concept art process. I will be designing archetypes of angel and demons. I am also painting landscapes conveying story and visual interest.

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Character Design

Purple Demon character design. (2021)

Angel of Dreams, catches nightmares, and protects those who dream. (2021)

Angel of Motherly Love - character design. (2021)

Togrutas Pirate - Alien character design to fit in the wild west themes inspired by Star Wars. (2020)

Jade - Elf character design who resides in the meadows. (2020)


Bikers scene concept art. (2021) 

'Underwater Capture' Concept art. (2021, Work in progress)

Landscapes - 'Kingdom of Red' (Left) - 'Silent Lanterns' (Middle) - 'Witch's mousetrap' (Right).  (2020)

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