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Storytelling in Visualization

Storytelling in Visualization

Tingxin Zheng
by txzheng on 20 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This entry contains 5 different projects I worked on for my portfolio. Each of them showcases different concepts. I believe visualization is just a way to communicate my ideas. It is not only realistic, but it also needs to be able to convey feelings and emotions.

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01. Dive-in

Dive-in is a artistic and conceptual project. It is based on the reconsideration of the relationship between the human body, water, and architecture.

The climate warming caused by human activities is turning the ocean into a huge potential threat to mankind. The project aims to attract people’s attention by providing a special sensory experience of diving and make people aware of the threat of sea level rise. The forms and the material of space create flows and views. It helps achieve communication and visual connections within the building, which feels like diving in the water.

02. Interwoven

Interwoven is a multi-functional space for exhibition, experience, retail, communication that connects to people’s personal memories and clothes. It aims to bring the diluted awareness of cherishing clothing back to the people in order to drive rebirth of old garments and to promote the sustainable fashion.

The design of ramp not only responds to the theme of interwoven, but also connects the buildings, exhibits and visitors, creating a closely related spatial experience. The ramp can create a circulation that makes the exhibition hall borderless.

Located in the center, the “memory box” is like a big wardrobe. Within the box, visitors immerse into a woven organic shape. The opening formed by the shape is framing views of interest. The goal is to create a skewed and distorted reality and connects visitor to displaying items in a direct and interactive way.

03. Encamp

Tibet is not only a holy site for the Buddhist believers, but is also a dream travel destination for tourists. It is a place where pilgrimage and tourism are combined and closely integrated with each other. This project aims to explore the deep internal connection between tourism and pilgrimage, and to design a movable structure that can be grouped together as a temporary community.

The overall structure is inspired by the traditional Tibetan black tent and the shape of Mount Kailash. The triangular support on the roof will also change with the movement and it will help clear the snow accumulation on the top.

The structural system is built on the ideal to ensure transportability. In terms of the material choice, the wood material can be transported to the nearby village for reuse, which helps ensure sustainability.

The design provides a lot of flexibility in how each unit can be used and grouped together. Depending on the needs, the size and amount of the units can grow. All is depending on the needs and on the demands.

04. Tetris

Tetris is a project to transform the old library and service center in Shenzhen. Contemporary libraries are no longer solely about books. Combined with the service center and library, this project has a role as a catalyst to improve convenience for local residents and provide a breathing space to those residents and their children for a moment from the bustle of a busy daily life.

The design inspiration came from the retro game “TETRIS”. Its basic mystery is the sense of accomplishment of “finding order from chaos” in the process of puzzles.

The whole space is made up of different blocks, interspersed, circled, pulled up, and spread. These different shapes and sizes of boxes give the originally monotonic space a richer way of extension, allowing readers to explore the space with interest as walking around. The arrangement of the modular furniture creates a continuous space. The green and use of wood add warmth, peace and cosiness.

05. Fusion

Fusion is a child-friendly coworking space that caters community’s entire way of living: create, learn, meet, play, work, unwind and interact. The spaces are mindfully designed so it will preserve the good components of a conventional coworking hub supplementing it with a childcare aspect. The project has two different souls: one more energetic and childlike to receive and entertain the children; the other calmer and more effective where the parents would comfortably work.

With the idea of creating a place integrated working, learning and play in mind, the design should consider for both adults and children. The undulating curve is the key element of the space, which just like the wave to connect children and parents.

Thank you :)

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