Kiwi's Dream

Kiwi's Dream

When an origami kiwi dreams of flying in the clouds, his friends decide to help him.

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Kiwi's Dream is a 3rd year VFX short film about a flightless origami Kiwi who has a dream to fly in the clouds.

It is a story about friendship and the importance of having those around you who support and encourage you in your aspirations. Through the art of origami we show that, in life, even the simplest things such as a piece of paper can make a great difference.

The Team:

Director/Story: Paloma Zhu

Producer: Daniel Rowe

Cinematographer: Clement Gharini

3D Lead: Benjamín Števuliak
3D Artists: Michael Nguyen, Daniel Rowe & Lewys Rhodes

2D Lead: Freddie Belsom
2D Artists: Zacharias Allouane & Ben Noone

Animation Lead: Paloma Zhu
Animation: Simone Costa, Mikhail Magnaye, Morgan Mda & Flynn Smith
Rigging: Michael Davies

Editors: Simone Costa & Benjamín Števuliak

Original Music by: Ján Števuliak

Produced at Escape Studios

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