Reason to Remain Concept Art

Reason to Remain Concept Art

by marcottsilva on 19 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Some shots from my Concept Art/Illustration work contribution. While developing the game Reason To Remain

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Reason to Remain - relevant story parts/ summary

In the year 2080 after a radioactive disaster caused by a Doctor who went crazy. The earth became a desert and the survivors of this disaster started to reconstruct the civilization. Little towns raised from the disaster and people carried out this new way of life. Between these towns, there is Geryon, the first town that could be reconstructed. Here lived Alaric, a young man who was in charge of fetching resources and supplies for the villagers.

...And between the smoke and fire he saw a shadow, it was the doctor who caused the world disaster, but he was not a human anymore, he was a big mutant and in his back, Alaric could see his allies. He got closer to hear what they were saying, the doctor’s plan was the destruction of every human left. And when he was about to go he sent an order and a horde of zombie predators was coming down from the rocks...

We started by

Discussing  the story with the client and we requested a mood board (see below) of how the client was thinking about these awesome characters - Doctor, Minions, and Alaric (the main playable character)

Based on these mood boards each member quickly got to sketch initial concepts really roughly for some kind of direction, mine were the ones below

From there we got feedback and I wanted to increase the concept fidelity while exploring some solutions

That led to merging those into full-body solutions. On the way, we understood that tattoos with powers would be most likely a thing, so I explored VFX as well

After that, I tried to shift a bit on direction, trying another approach to Alaric, where instead of using tattoos we could use some kind of curse spread across the body that could turn into weapons. Although it wasn't used in the end, It was still a good exercise to think about a different direction.

From there, I worked on how Alaric's skills could look like, being selected to be used as the skills for the final character

Below is  my final Character Sheet and an Illustration I did for the final selected game character

After Alaric, we Kept working on other characters and game assets, so below, some shots of that part of the development

That's it! Thanks for viewing my work!

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