Suntec Christmas on The Big Screen

Suntec Christmas on The Big Screen

by SeanHalili and leerachel on 22 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

The video features 5 3D scenes with an isometric viewpoint celebrating the festive holiday. An isometric viewpoint created more interest in the scenes as though viewers were taking a look into Santa's factory and could see the details surrounding the respective scenes.

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Suntec Christmas on The Big Screen

Elements of Christmas such as ornaments, presents and decorations are presented coming together to celebrate the festive season as well as greetings from Suntec.

The scenes take place in Santa's factory with elves working around and ultimately coming together and celebrating outside Suntec's building.

The Colour Scheme is alternated between the scenes to create more interest while still maintaining the concept and look of the overall video

Scene 1 shows the distribution of the ornaments through the scene and the decoration of the christmas trees

Scene 2 shows the process of painting of the toys through the various machineries.

Scene 3 shows the coming together of scenes 1 and 2 and thus leading to the transition of scene 4 where it shows Santa and his reindeers on his sleigh riding off with factory elements in the background.

Transitions between the scenes were done in after effects to create an illusion were the seperate scenes appear as 1 whole scene in the same space.

Final videos off site and on site

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