My archviz journey continues

My archviz journey continues

Lisa Jørgensen
by lisa on 26 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I am now at my last year of my apprenticeship within 3D visualization and I keep developing my skills within archviz. My main focus the past year has been animation within 3D visualization to bring life into my renders and projects. I’m still learning, but so far I really like adding that dynamic layer to my projects.

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Below you will come across my latest projects within archviz and 3D visualization. As already stated, my main focus the last year has been animation and adding some life to my projects. I have spent a lot of time practicing the entire workflow from preparation to production to postproduction and I have learned a lot so far. In addition, I have also become more aware of what I would like to achieve in my future career. 

Frama Studio Store

// 3D Interior Animation

Last year I went to “3 Days of Design” in Copenhagen and came across Frama Studio. I got so inspired by their location in an old pharmacy, their furniture designs and overall atmosphere so I decided to use them as my main inspiration for my first larger interior animation project.

This project was created within one of my school periods at 3D College and my main purpose was to go through the whole process from all preparation work, 3D production and animation and post editing. Additionally, I have also learned basic Marvelous Designer to create some of the props.

I have modelled and texturized the entire space including the pharmacy area and the main assets are also created by myself (clothing, chairs, shelving, soap, mirrors). Some of the minor decoration assets are downloaded but shaded by me.

| 3DS Max | V-Ray | Marvelous Designer | Photoshop | After Effects | Premiere Pro |

 Below are some product visualizations of some of my own assets


To plan out the animation I’ve created an animatic to get all camera movements and animation parts correct before pressing render. This was also a useful method to get all sequences in a nice flow and I also discovered that it took quite some time to get it right. But it definitely saved me some time in the longer run.

Moodboard for ref and inspiration


// 3D Visualization 

One of my favourite furniture pieces from the designer Poul Kjærholm is the PK22 so I’ve made a small project with the famous chair in a lounge setting. My main focus in this project was the lighting and the overall atmosphere.

The room is modelled by me and most models are downloaded but shaded by myself.

| 3DS Max | V-Ray  | Photoshop |

A Sense of Colours

// 3D Interior Animation

I’m currently an apprentice in a design company and they are in the state where they are looking at the possibility within 3D animation when it comes to making marketing content. So, I thought it could be fun to make my own personal project in school and give a shot on how this could look like. My hero object is the famous Series 7 chair by Arne Jacobsen which just got out in new colours.

To clarify the project scope, I’ve received the chair model and a colour scheme and from that I made my own personal fictive animation project in one of my school periods.

It’s been a really interesting project and I’ve learned a lot regarding animation movements. Also, I wanted to practise the whole workflow from preparation to post editing.

| 3DS Max | Vray gpu | tyFlow | Marvellous Designer | Photoshop | After Effects | Premiere Pro |

In the project I played around with some different colour combinations. From the texture scan I’ve made my own displacement and bump maps and added V-Ray fur to get that fabric feel. 

I’ve rendered all sequences in 1920x1920 and kept the key focus in the middle of the composition to be able to crop the video both horizontal and vertical.

I’m quite new in using tyFlow but this is an extremely useful plugin to 3DS Max and definitely not the last time I will use it. 


My workflow


To keep track of my brainstorm and time management I used Asana to get my project organized which was a really good practice for me to do. I always find it hard to estimate how long things take to do, especially when I’m still quite new in the whole animation workflow.

Flower Project

// 2D Photogrammetry

My flower project has been about 2D photogrammetry and more precisely colourful flower bouquets. I’ve looked for wild and colourful flower bouquet models but couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for, so this was a good opportunity to dive into 2D photogrammetry myself.

I've made all the flowers and leaves in the bouquets by myself by finding real flowers from the forest and flower shops and then photographed single leaves and flower bits with different light angles to make the different maps (diffuse, normal, displacement, reflection, glossiness and translucency). I can definitely say that I learned a lot from this project and this is a handy method when it comes to creating photorealistic assets for ex. archviz.

| 3DS Max | Vray | Photoshop | Substance Alchemist | Lightroom Classic |

Below is my physical setup to photograph the flowers and leaves. The setup is a very simple box with a hole in the top to capture the leaves. I had a handhold LED light source which I held in 8 different angles around the leaves. To capture the translucency I placed the LED inside the box to let the light pass through the leaves.

Pink Kitchen

// 3D Visualization

I made this interior scene as I felt inspired by Reform Kitchens and decided to make a small project out of it. Most models are downloaded but some pieces I modelled myself and most material shading is done by me.

| 3DS Max | V-Ray | Photoshop | 

Marble Catch

// 3D Visualization

This is of course not a typical archviz project but I’ve made this small project in my process of learning tyFlow. The vase is downloaded but the rest I made myself.

| 3DS Max | V-Ray | After Effects | tyFlow |

The End

Thank you taking the time to go through my entry!

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