by MaelJOANAS on 26 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

The virtual art gallery you can place on the map !

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I have created this Virtual Art Gallery implemented in the real world. This is the first of its kind. You can find real addresses from Google, visit the website, or walk around the exhibition thanks to VR & a 360 degree Google street view. I’ve stationed my virtual galleries and exhibitions in Paris, New York and Nancy.

My initial idea was to create a limitless exhibition space that was not constrained by volume, time or money.

I imagined MIRAGE.
I have created every aspect of the galleries from floor to ceiling, including the visual identities & websites. Through VR, I have been able to create unique spaces and develop believable settings for my photography collections.

The whole project is available here.

LIVE - New York

• In this symbolic city of New York, and for the first time internationally, Mirage gallery presents: LIVE. In this small area there are no less than twenty major artists presented through these works. Working on the notion of memory & compilation of five years of festivities, LIVE presents a summary of life & takes a look at the common experience of music. This new exhibition takes the viewer into the experience of the music scene through numerous concerts portraits.

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• In this late 19th century Glasshouse, the exhibition offers a detached look at the oppressive relationships within our ecosystem. Illustrating the animal / man / machine relationship, its function is to express a reality of domination generated by the primitive need of possession. Wishing to raise awareness of the disasters caused by this problem, if left unaddressed, CAPTURE rethinks the roles and places the viewer at the center of the subject. The viewers become captives, witnessing and experiencing their impact on the planet.

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You can scan the QR Code bellow or follow those links:

• mirage.com

• Visit LIVE in VR                  • Visit CAPTURE in VR

Enjoy !

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