Adrien Requin - Characters and Props Modeling

Adrien Requin - Characters and Props Modeling

Adrien Requin
by adrienrequin on 18 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi everyone, this is my first submission to the Rookies and I'm so proud to be a part of it! As I seriously started 3d modeling last year, here are the main projects I worked on since the begining of 2021.

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Peter Pan Reimagined

I made this project for the Fairy Tales Reimagined Challenge from Flipped Normals between april and may 2021. Here I wanted to create kind of a Next Generation version of Peter Pan as a teenager. This is the first character I made from start to finish (I mean concepting, sculpting, retopology, texture and everything until the end) so it was pretty interesting and I learned a lot of things, technically and artistically.

I decided to show my concept because it helped me a lot to find the tone for this character. My drawing skills are not so good but pretty useful for me just to find an idea and jump to the sculpting phase.

Software used : ZBrush/ Maya/ Substance Painter/ Blender


I made this project between january and february 2021 right after I decided to focus on 3D art. At this time I didn't know if I wanted to work on characters or props so I made kind of an in-between : a props with a lot of interest for details on hard surfaces and ornaments but with a skull face wich could have emotions and personality.

Software used : ZBrush/ Maya/ Substance Painter/ Blender

During the next monthes of 2021 I aim to create more characters (female and creatures) as I decided to focus on character design and modeling. My journey is just starting and I'm really exited to learn more about this industry, the how and the why, more technical and artistic knowledge.

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