"Digestion" is a short film made by a team of five 3rd year students at Pôle 3D. Directed by Annabelle TAMIC, Sarah ERZEN, Chloe MUSA, Louis LUKASIK and Edouard DELFOSSE.

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Digestion, a playdough adventure.

Digestion, an invitation to look in depth into ourselves. Literally.

Look dev and textures close up

Main characters development: from concept to 3D

Full movie link on vimeo

First drawings and researches

Animation extract from our movie, by Chloé musa 

Breakdown of the movie, meet our team :) 


Sarah Erzen : Storyboarding - Layout - Modeling - Set Dressing - Lighting - Compositing - Editing

Annabelle Tamic : Lead Artist - Design - Storyboarding- Modeling - Texturing - Shading - Compositing

Chloe Musa : Lead Animation - Storyboarding - Layout - Chara Design - Modeling - 3D Animation

Louis Lukasik : Lead Tech - Rigging - Rendering - Layout

Edouard Delfosse : 3D Generalist - Modeling - FX animation - Layout

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