Journey: A showcase of 3 different stories

Journey: A showcase of 3 different stories

Yeong Shun Yee
by shunyee314 on 18 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello, I am a 22-year-old student from The One Academy taking the course Diploma in Interior Design. This entry is a showcase of 3 different projects which will bring you to the different story of each design. It is also to share how I overcome those challenges and brought myself new skills and knowledge.

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GUCCI – Retail Design

This was the first project I did use 3DsMax and Vray Render. It is a retail project for Italy oldest fashion luxury brand, GUCCI, which aspires to emphasize customers’ store experiences through a layering curve that creates an unexpected space and will eventually unfold to reveal the mysterious interior plan.

The main goals were to apply the theory I have learned about namely modelling techniques, materials and Vray into the project. It was also my first approach to 3Dsmax and all of its possibilities. Although I am not familiar with 3DsMax but I have a lot of fun while struggling with it.

SRA BUA by Kiin Kiin – Restaurant Design

Here comes the second project. It is a restaurant project for Thailand fine-dining restaurant, SRA BUA by Kiin Kiin, well known for its fine dining Thai-inspired dishes created and presented with an impressive modern interpretation.

This is my first time building three floors building with includes lots of Thai element to represent the characteristic of Thai. Besides that, the design needs to bring out the whole life circle of the lotus flower since the concept is developed from the Thai lotus flower. Since it is a big file so it will be laggy and sometimes will come out with a lot of technical problems. I have overcome all these problems and learn new things in the process of building 3D. 

Malaysia Airlines – Co-Living Space Design

And finally comes to my final year project. It is a co-living space project for Malaysia Airlines, the flag carrier airline of Malaysia. It is a place to synthesis all the community, work, living and experience. A place where all ideas collide and promote Malaysia culture and tradition to tourist and Malaysian.

This is a seven floors project which includes the basement, mezzanine and other floors. At this stage, I am more familiar with 3dsMax compare to my first project (GUCCI). And here comes out some new challenge to me. It is to make the greens and the sunlight in this building looks more realistic. And I hope I have reached that.

Thanks for reading through my whole project!

Special thanks to my lecturers and friends at The One Academy for all the help and support!

Best luck to other participants.

Thank you!

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