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Illustration Portfolio

Illustration Portfolio

Emma Thompson
by vaux on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I am currently studying at Flinders University/CDW Studios, focusing on fantasy illustration. I hope one day I can work in the tabletop gaming industry and produce work for properties like Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons.

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These illustrations were created as part of a project that imagined the game "Journey" as if it were set in a forest.  

The Wayfarer travels towards a colossal glowing tree that is slowly dying due to a corrupted creature trapped beneath its roots. 

Creature Colosseum

These illustrations were created for a hypothetical card game galled Creature Colosseum. A bear, gryphon and a dragon were chosen to represent the basic, rare and legendary card types respectively.

In the game, each player drafts a hand of 5 cards, and takes one trait from each creature (Health, Strength, Speed, Defense, Mana), to create a unique creature fusion.  The players then engage in a turn based combat piloting their creations, with a roleplay aspect encouraged to bring life to the aesthetics and character of their creature.

Magic: The Gathering

These pieces are basic lands for a hypothetical Magic: The Gathering set, seen below in the modern game card frame, as well as presented as a standalone illustration. Each one of these paintings was created using a different method as an exercise in exploring the effect of process on a final product.

"Plains": Traditional painting, gouache on wooden panel. Finished digitally.
"Island": Digital painting, making heavy use of clipping masks and layer styles.
"Swamp": Photobashing.
"Mountain": Thumbnails generated by online AI "ArtBreeder", painted digitally.
"Forest": 3D Base, created in Blender.

Personal Illustration

Inspired by the art of Magic: The Gathering, I wanted to create an illustration that could theoretically be included in a future set. 

This was intended to be a character piece, focusing on the young woman and meeting (and immediately creating chaos with) a giant weasel in a colorful marketplace.

This was by far the most complex painting I have ever attempted,  and I am incredibly proud of the final piece. 

Character Designs

The first of these two character designs is Dr AliĆ©nor Des Salles, an Astro-Naturalist that explores alien worlds to study the flora and fauna that thrive there. She wanders an endless network of tunnels that connect disparate points in time and space.

The second character is Captain Lustre Du Vide, a naval officer turned pirate after striking a deal with an eldritch creature. Captain Lustre is a tiefling warlock, and was designed as an antagonist for a D&D game. 

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