Pastel Baker Kitchen

Pastel Baker Kitchen

Josie Steinmetz
by JosieSteinmetz on 17 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is an interior which I created for my first DemoReel during my time at PixlVisn.

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My main idea was to create an interior for one of my DemoReel projects, so I started to get some inspirations on Pinterest.  After a long surch I felt in love with the designe of this kitchen and  I decited to use this image as my main reference for my 3D project.

For all the objects inside the kitchen I surched for single references to get closer to the things so I could model and texture these more detailed.

Here is a small collage of my references:

When I had enough reference material, I started to create a rough blockout, I set the furniture in the same possition as my reference showes and started to model the objects step by step. I set everything up once but changed the possitions of the kitchen materials so often until I liked the overall 100%.

Now It was time for UV unwrapping and texturing. For some objects I used textures from and others I created in Substance Painter and Affinity Photo. Objects which were closer to my cameras I textured more detailed then objects which were more in the background.  Texturing everything took me the longest time on this project but I had a lot of fun.

Back in Maya I put the textures on the objects and started to create the lighting. I started with an skydomelight and put an HDRI on it which I downloaded on HDRI Haven. Next was the directional light this is to show the direction where the sun is coming from. At the end I create very bright lights on the ceiling because it should be bright inside.

I rendered with Arnold and put the final images into Nuke, to make some postproduction.

I had a lot of fun while I'm modeling everything and set it in position. In this whole project I learned so much about every single area of my workflow. It was very exciting to see the process from an empty scene to the final result.


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