3D Game Art work - 2021

3D Game Art work - 2021

Lucie Travaux
by lucietravaux on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Among my best works, my participation in the Artstation challenge Grand Space Opera: Light Age, a mini-scene of a magician's dressing table, a dagger whose textures are entirely made on Designer, a dragonfly automaton based on David Beck's art, Dragonflycanique, and some animation practice.

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Environment for the Artstation challenge Grand Space Opera: Light Age

This was my first Artstation challenge, so I'm very happy to have made it to the end! The challenge lasted about 2 months and I had to juggle between my classes at Isart Digital, my final project and this challenge. It was difficult to keep a schedule to finish on time and I would have liked to add and refine some elements. In particular, I would have liked to add detail to my meshes via Zbrush, but I preferred to concentrate on other things as the sculpt is very time-consuming and not what I prefer. I was able to improve my skills in Substance designer, lighting on unreal, work on small shaders and master material management for example. I was finally able to see more about vertex painting and foliage on unreal as I had never had the opportunity to really look into it in my previous projects.

I based myself on Florent Boston's incredible concepts!

Concept from Florent Boston vs 3D render on Unreal Engine 4


Some process images

I set up my sand material to be able to paint the tessellation and get a more organic ground with more or less depth depending on the objects and modules in the scene for example. 

In the same way, I used the unreal foliage to place the little orange balls of light in a more organic and faster way.

My references board for the environment and another one specifically for the materials.

Materials and Master Materials set up on Unreal

Sand material

Glossy floor

Hollowed Stone 



SandFall Shader

Some module details

Magician's dressing table

A little scene I made in less than a week on the theme of magic and circus. Modelling done on Maya and Zbrush for the details of the table and the stool. Textures made on Substance Painter. Baking and final rendering are done on Marmoset.





As part of a texturing exercise at my school, I made a dagger on Maya that I textured entirely on Substance Designer. The goal was to reproduce the textures as faithfully as possible from a photo reference. The rendering was done on Marmoset.







I made this dragonfly automaton based on David Beck's work "Dragonflycanique" which I wanted to reproduce in 3D as part of a class exercise. 


I integrated my object in a fake UI thinking about what it could be used in a game and working on UI design. So I imagined it in an investigation game as evidence found at the crime scene.

For the rig, everything is linked by driven keys, which means that I only have to turn the handle to make all the gears move, except the tail which I animated with an IK spline.

Animation Practice

As I'm really interested in animation and thinking about specialising in this field, I started doing some animation practice. Here are my first big animation, a funambulist and then, my first participation in an animation contest! 

Participation in May AnimChallenge, on the theme: Character Introduction. This challenge was in partnership with Riot Games and the theme was inspired by League of Legends Wild Rift characters intro. 

It was my first attempt to participate in an animation challenge, and I'm glad to be able to finish it at the same time as my graduation project! 

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