Journey At 3D College

Journey At 3D College

Birk Rasmussen
by Blaxe on 25 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present" - Master Oogway.

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          My Journey At 3D College


I started at 3D College in 2020's summerbreak, and i knew very little about 3D. The first half year was really just me messing around, trying to figure out where I belonged in the pipeline. 

After that half year I realised I wanted to do hard surface modelling and texturing aiming for photorealism. I am going to share with you my journey worth of a half year focusing on hard surface modelling and texturing.

All the projects shown is made with 3Ds max, V-ray, Substance Painter and Photoshop.

                    Silence After All

At this point, I just found out that I wanted to aim for photorealism, and of course I had to start somewhere. So I listened to some music and it just reminded me of the game The Last Of Us. While listening to the beautiful piece of music I got an image in my head of an abandoned broken guitar. 

Then I went to the internet to find visual inspiration and this is what I came up with as the first project on my journey.

I was responsible for all aspects.


This one was actually a school assignment. My teacher said the keyword for this project was 'Blacksmith'. I instantly knew I was going to do something fantasy-ish. I am a really big fan of the fantasy style, so I tried my best going for the style in hard surface. Which can be a little difficult to achieve in hard surface modelling. 

The process of this project was actually really fluid, it all came together really easily and quickly. After 7 days of work this is what I came up with. 

The sword, chains, and coins a modelled and textured by me. The floor, runes and coin initails are downloaded textures.


This time I thought it was time to challenge my modelling skills. I felt kind of limited and wanted to push my knowledge. 

I learned a lot about modelling, texturing and realism on this one. This project took some time, since it was a bigger modelling challenge for me. On the texturing side it was a challenge too. I had to get a lot more into details with my reference and get loads of them (seen down below). Then it all just came together and I got to play a lot more with the lighting, which was a lot of fun!   

The bicycle, walkman and headset seen on the images is 100% made by me. The floor, wall and highschool lockers textures is downloaded.

                Dear Little Brother

You already may wonder why this one is named 'Dear Little Brother' when I just made a room. So let me explain. 

My brother just got his guitar he wanted for some time and I thought it was a great opportunity to build it in 3D. Before I began, I knew that I was going to build a room for it, so I decided I wanted to build his actual room as close as possible to the real one with some tweeks of course. I got very happy with the result especially with the Guitar. 

The Room, Guitar and Amplifier is 100% made by me. The assets is downloaded from Quixel Bridge and Vray Cosmos.

Thank you to all my classmates, and my wonderful teachers for giving me all the critique, and help i needed, to get where i am now. It was hard for me to stay motivated as i didn't always believe in myself, but now i do, thanks to them.

                                                                 If you made it this far.

                                                                 Thank you so much

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