by maben0849 on 16 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is a brand promotional video I made for a clothing company in China called FMACM during my vacation. The whole film adopts 3D modeling to represent the five single letters of FMACM logo. The promo was used in the FMACM winter show.

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The FMACM logo was an accidental idea of the company’s founder, who did not assign a specific meaning to the letters. FMACM is committed to the concept of output and cultural expression rooted in clothing design, the integration of subculture and artistic design thinking. FMACM pursues the spirit of independence and surrealism.

Before I started this project, I was confused for a while, because I could not show the specific product in the video, and at the same time, I had to achieve the purpose of publicity. While searching for information, I came up with the idea that the most memorable thing about some internationally renowned big clothing brands is their logo or iconic design items. However, FMACM is a young brand with a weak brand culture. FMACM also has no internationally acclaimed design pieces. So I decided to use the logo of FMACM for in-depth creation, so that consumers can remember the logo of FMACM first.

My idea is to give each of the five letters F, M, A, C, M a separate meaning. I think it is very good to use C4D 3D modeling software to produce such special effects, which can not only guarantee the uniqueness of the effect but also present the final visual effect in a very three-dimensional way. In addition, the pace of the video should be consistent with the style of FMACM, which is suitable for young people. So I chose a light but not overly grandiose music and editing rhythm to make this video.

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