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by maben0849 on 16 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Carmela is a frame by frame animation created purely by hand in Adobe Illustrator. This frame-by-frame animation tells the story of Carmela from the elf world and the man from the human world exchanging worlds.

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When I first conceived this work, my idea was that every picture or most of the pictures in the frame by frame animation would be dynamic, which would be transferred to the next picture through well-designed transitions. However, it was not implemented in the end because of the heavy workload. In the early stage of creation, I wanted to express the pressure of work and the annoying worldly wisdom in Chinese society through a work. At the same time, I wanted to try some new ways of expressing myself. I came up with this idea when I was watching an anime, creating two worlds and two protagonists, and subtly expressing my point of view through their role interchange.

So I designed Carmela, a scheming elf, and a normal human man. The difficulty in the creation of this work lies in how to make the protagonists interact with each other, and how to make the audience fully understand the theme it wants to express. Based on these problems, I finally adopted the style of fairy tales and the consistent storyline to present this work. In the story, I added a book that could travel through the world so that the two protagonists could interact. At the same time, I added a male voice narration to make the audience more clear what I wanted to express. In this work, Carmela and men do not have the concept of good or bad, they just want to get their ideal goal. And I added an obscure concept at the end of the story. Did Carmela make men trapped in a fairy tale world? It’s not impossible for Carmela to do this with her magic. Maybe she’ll just get tired of the human world and open the portal again.

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