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Painting of the XXI Century - An Architectural journey

Painting of the XXI Century - An Architectural journey

Vincenzo Damato
by VincenzoDamato on 21 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A presentation of the work I have produced as part of the Master in Architectural Visualisation at Kent University. Exploring various architectures the visuals here presented portray the power of the built environment together with that of its inhabitants. Rendering is the paintings of the XXI Century !

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The recreation of the house from the movie 'Parasite' (Bong Joon-ho - 2019) served to learn at its best modelling techniques in 3dsmax as the entire furniture were custom built for the set, therefore difficult to find online. Furthermore, the exercise was performed not having the technical drawings of the building available, hence modelled taking the images from the film as a reference. Lights and shadows have been reinterpreted to create a cinematic environment where interior and exterior complement each other.


A series of visuals exploring the Fondazione Prada designed by OMA in Milan. A masterplan where old and new exist in the same space.



On the left - Torre is framed in its monolithic appearance as a flat silhouette strengthen  by the one point perspective. 

On the right - The interventions are framed from the lightest in the foreground to the most radical in the background


Gas lighting by Artist Cerith Wyn Evans is here reimagined taking place at the Deposito. The atmospheric qualities of the art is visualised within the architecture.


A series of visuals exploring the lost architecture of this magnificent brutalist building in Bankya, Bulgaria.

Balneosanatorium better know as the residence of the former Bulgarian communist leader Todor Zhivkov comprises a representative reception area with a canteen, a recreation area and a cinema, a spa with a swimming pool, six hotel rooms, six luxury suites and service rooms designed for recreation and balneotherapy of the ruling elite of the state at that time. Virtuos stone cladding and skilfully inserted artworks make of this building a forgotten monument of the past. Designed by Pavel Nikolov 1977


The bas relief stonework by the waiting lounge area at the entrance. Its sculptural heaviness is lightened by the use of the modernist minimal furnitures by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Less is more.


Visualised in all its past glory The swimming pool is embraced by a warm afternoon light.


In the visual lights, shadows, and reflections are studied so to compliment the arched vault. Characters are extracted from the paintings of Kenton Nelson and Jack Vettriano.


A reinterpretation of what the luxury suite looked like back in the 70s inspired by the work of Edward Hopper and Richard Tuschman.


BABEL CITY - The city in the image of man

In what is considered his literary magnum opus, visionary architect Paolo Soleri challenges us to think of cities as biological entities, and introduces us to a philosophy for a new kind of urban living: the arcology, a city-sized organism designed to exist in harmony with nature. Babel is a self sufficient city populated by 2 M people with a height of 2km and a radius of 1.7km per units.

Starting by Soleri's drawings Babel City is here visualised in matte painting. The project progressed further in Nuke as part of a digital compositing workshop in which the building is cinematically captured. 

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