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Eleanor Kirkwood - Concept Art and Illustration Portfolio

Eleanor Kirkwood - Concept Art and Illustration Portfolio

Eleanor Kirkwood
by eleanorkirkwood on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hey there! This is a compilation of my character design, environment design, and illustration work!

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Hey there!

I'm Eleanor! I'm an illustrator, concept artist, and 2D animator based in Australia! The following work is a mix of personal projects and pieces I completed while studying at CDW Studios / Flinders University. My work leans towards fantasy and tabletop role-playing content, particularly Dungeons and Dragons, and I also really enjoy drawing elves!

Personal Project: Eivarel

Eivarel is a character I created to be played in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. The idea behind the character was that they're an eccentric traveller venturing far from home for the first time in their life. This design overall took around a week to complete as I needed to have the character art done in time for the campaign.

Personal Project: Z'ress

Z'ress is another character I created from a Dungeons and Dragon game - this time as an NPC in a personal world I created. Z'ress is intended to be a nimble and experienced fighter who prefers to work from the shadows.

Character Design

This is an assortment of designs I've done over the past 6 months. They're generally all fantasy-themed and Dungeon & Dragons related.

Personal Project: Khiaril's Clearing

The following are a few concept designs I'm working on for a future 2D animation project. The current focus is on developing the environment, notably Khiaril's tree - which is the centrepiece of the area.

In additionally been working on backgrounds intended to be used in some future 2D animation experiments. I wanted a prepared background with alternative lighting situations that I could call back on when needed. The two pieces below were my take on a sunset scene and a night scene.

John & Mary: Office Designs

While studying at Flinders University in 2020, I took part in a film project called John & Mary. My role was to collaborate with two 3D artists and design an office scene - which was later modelled and used in Unreal Engine.

There was a very short deadline for this work, around 2-3 weeks. Below is my initial concepts of the office space.

The next two designs were more in-depth paint overs of 3D models. The models were created by Bonnie Grant and based on my original concept.
A number of the furniture pieces, such as the desk and chairs, were based on models by Annie-May Smith.

Personal Project: Elias' Room

This is a room design for Elias who is a Dungeons and Dragon character that I currently play.

This bedroom is a small tavern room that Elias' is staying in long term - he has only recently moved in but has begun to add his own personal items and charms to the space.

I later used this design in the following painting - which depicts a scene in the game from Elias’ point of view.

Personal Project: Bruswarry Repository

These pieces are deliverables for a class I took in 2020. I had to produce a keyshot, room designs, and prop designs around the concept I developed.

The idea was that this was a very grand and prestigious building that displayed a range of important artefacts - while also having a number of incredibly cluttered and disorganised storage rooms.


The following are a variety of illustration pieces, primarily fanart with a few personal pieces.

Personal Work


Critical Role

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