Mandalorian Ship

Mandalorian Ship

Margot BRUN
by MargotBrun on 15 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Modeling, lighting and compositing project at ESMA Lyon. (Still Life)

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Good morning all!

I will show you my entire creative process during this project. It is a project carried out during my school studies during my first year at Esma Lyon. This project taught me a lot during these 2 weeks.

I had to create a composition of my choice that was as realistic as possible.

I took care of all aspects, concept art, modeling, uv editing, texturing.

To start, I created documentation sheets to have as many references as possible throughout my project.

I chose to invent a scene from the Mandalorian ship (2019) inspired by concept art and references

Here is a lighter version with renderman a compositing on photoshop.

The histogram was a difficulty to manage.

Here is the final result in 3K !

Hope you will enjoy my project!

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Bye, Bye !

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