Chervelle Showreel 2021

Chervelle Showreel 2021

Chervelle Loo
by chervelle on 15 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My personal projects and schoolwork I've done in my 2 years of learning motion graphics

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My showreel showcasing projects I've worked on in school or personally, in the last 2 years of learning motion graphics.

Music: The Heart Attack by Grace Mesa

Blood In The Cut by K.Flay

Personal project: kinetic typography

HELLO 2021!

For a school assignment, a New Year's greeting card in 3D

The Grand Budapest Hotel:
Zero and M. Gustave

Kinetic typography of a snippet of a conversation between the two, to show the different personalities through type.

Alien Abduction 3D Diorama

Assignment to create a diorama with cloners and effectors

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