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Demo Reel 2021

Demo Reel 2021

Baptiste Tomorszki
by BaptisteTomorszki on 18 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

All the work I did during my year at Animum and a little bit more.

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This is my first Hard surface project as a student, we were in charge to create a vehicule and integrate it in a environment. I did all the assets, textured, lighted, and composed the entire scene.

This is a 3D environment I created from a Sylvain Sarrailh's concept art named "Père Lachaise". The challenge here was to be the closest as posible from the concept art and make 3D organic assets. I modeled the entire scene, made the shading, the lighting and the composing.

This project is a mix between hard surface technics and organic technics. It was the first time I had to rig a robot too. The robot is based on a Oleksii petrov concept art and I designed the environment inspiring me from the Volmir planet in the movie Avengers. I created all assets, shading, lighting and composing.

This is the last project I had to do during my year at Animum Advanced Creativity School. We had to pick one animated scene and make the complete look. As a fan of the Addams Family I decided to take that direction, a little bit creepy but still enjoyable. I created all the assets (except for the character), made the shading, the lighting and composing. 

Finally this is my first personal project after graduating, for this one I wanted to start with a concept of mine. So I took my pen, drawn a robot and make it in 3D. I created all the assets, the shading, the lighting and the composing.

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