Tanguy Macq - Concept art

Tanguy Macq - Concept art

Tanguy Macq
by tanguymacq on 30 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello, i'm Tanguy, 20 years old student from New3dge in Paris. This is my entry for the Rookies Awards.

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                                           SCHOOL WORK

Here is some keyframes i have done during the course from Max Schiller here at New3dge. Focusing on world building and doing cinematic frames.

Assets used for the keyframes, i used some megascans models as well.

Interior Layout design/Set dressing done during Aurelien's Fournier class at New3dge. Some assets come from Kitbash3D Valhalla pack and Sketchfab.

Interior design/Set dressing done during the class with Danar Worya at New3dge. The goal was to design a realistic Military/Bandits hideout. I used some assets from Sketchfab for smaller props.

Design done during the class of Jad Saber at New3dge. The brief was to design a South African rooftop bar, with a 15-20% scifi twist to it. I used some assets from Ian Hubert and Sketchfab.

                                           PERSONAL WORK

Keyframe done for the 12Th Contest of DigitalPaintingSchool. The contest was Cyberpunk 2077 oriented; and the goal was to make an artwork inspired from the game.

Finding a good pose for the Cybernetic girl was definitely the hardest part. I included few of the poses i tried before going with the final one. Since the game wasn't available at the time, i didn't had that much references, so i tried to make a weapon that looked like the "Mantis Blades" from the original game.

Experiments done with Octane.

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