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What A Year!

What A Year!

Kelly Ong Li Jing
by KellsArt on 14 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

What a Year, oh, what a year it has been since I first learning concept design. From my first project in May 2020 to May 2021, many things have happened in the world. I have done 3 different Concept Design Project that had brought me tears, sleepless nights, joy, pride and knowledge. Please enjoy!

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Moksha was my first time doing Basic Concept Design, this is a story about a Tibetan boy named Boshay who loved to dance! He fell off the cliff while practicing for the coming dance festival and woke up in a strange place. Hurry, he has to find a way out and get back home in time for the festival!

Isn't She Lovely 

Isn't She Lovely was a collaborative project I did with my friends featuring a Diamond Princess and a shy Mermaid refugee who had to hide her true self in a bubble.  My character, Cher is a friend of the princess and together, they teased about poor Mermaid's appearance. Here are some concept designs I did for the props, machines and environments that appear in the school! The crystal tree was a design made by one of the team members while I designed the snowy garden. 

The School Entrance

The school entrance is a matte painting I did vaguely based on the design sketches made by one of my teammates. The prestigious school is located on an artificial planet powered by the crystal tree in the Garden. 

The Cure

The Cure was my first try at realistic rendering and what a challenge it was! The story takes place in a Steampunk city with a big Clock Tower. Do not be fooled by the big city, they are about to be destroyed by two rogue test subjects that the Capitol had been secretly creating by the help of our main character, Althea. Upon discovering the Capitol's sinister plans, Althea escaped to join her twin brother in the Resistance. Join their journey as they take on expeditions for the Cure! 

Matte Painting

I have recently learnt Matte Painting and it was a good learning experience, albeit quite hard for me. The process to create each piece was hard and sometimes disheartening but I feel proud of my end results. Below are my tries at the interior environment of the Lost Garden of Babylon, concept environment design and a sci-fi ChinaTown.

If you made it this far, I would like to thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed my stories! 

Thank you.

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