Mass Disruption

Mass Disruption

Sara Amelie
by saraamelie on 14 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Concepts for an IP I did for my Design Process Principles class.

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Character Design & Gender Variation

Character Exploration Sketches & Process

For Alexis, I wanted it to be clear she was the main character of this story. Her design was always meant to be quite chaotic and gritty, which reflects the state of the world she was in. The first rendition of her didn't make that idea clear or obvious enough, so I shifted my focus to making sure her personality was clear by adding more and more "customizations" all over her body.

Creature Design

Creature Exploration Sketches & Process

When it came to the creature, my first version also wasn't pushed enough. Something was missing, so I exaggerated the proportions of the legs and arms, making it seem like it was too long for it's body further emphasising that it is a creature not of this world.

Prop & Vehicle Design

Prop & Vehicle Exploration Sketches

As for the prop and vehicle, the design direction was for them to have a makeshift look to show that the rebels underground didn't have very advanced technology 

Vehicle Process

The issue with the first pass of the airboat was that there was no structural integrity, it looked as though it was going to fall apart at any moment. So, I added stronger materials like metal bars underneath that I imagined they would have welded to the bottom of the boat's body and the big plastic barrels, as well as replace the thick ropes with metal chains just to make everything more secure.

Environment Design

Environment Exploration Sketches & Process

Finally, for the environment, I initially wanted something very dark and eery but that made the core, and also the focal point of the scene, blend into the background so much that it just didn't stand out. So I changed it to a stark white, making the whole thing much more noticeable. On top of that, I made the core reflective to add more detail and intricacy to the scene.

Thanks for taking the time to view my project :D

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