Mary-Lee and Gold Specked Gelix

Mary-Lee and Gold Specked Gelix

by anneschulin on 25 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My first biped and quadruped from my first and second year at The Animation Workshop, respectively.

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Gold Speckled Gelix  -  quadruped project (second year)

I made this quadrupedal character during my second year of my bachelor in computer graphic arts at The Animation Workshop.
It is the first quadrupedic character I have made and the first character I have textured.

My idea was to make a cute and mischevious creature that might fit in to the Fantastic Beasts-universe. The main animals that inspired the features of this little creature are hairless cats, geckos and flying squirrels. 

The Gold Speckled Gelix' natural habitat is gold mines. Among rocks with golden ore, its sparkly backs camouflages it nicely from predators and prey alike. Its large ears are very sensitive, picking up on ultrasonic sounds from bats as well as the subtle fluttering sounds of insect wings. The Gelix has exceptional vision, and sees very clearly even in the low light conditions of the cave. When hunting, the Gelix sits perfectly still on the ceiling of the mine. Once an insect is near by, the Gelix soars through the air and grabs its unknowing prey. Then, when landing on the ground, the Gelix quickly climbs the wall of the mine using its sticky feet, and returns to its hiding place until its next meal.

Mary-Lee  -  biped project (first year)

The first CG character I ever made. I created it during the first year of my bachelor at The Animation Workshop.

My main inspiration for the biped project was pinup illustrations from the 1950s and actresses from the same decade. I wanted to create a character with an elegant yet playful vibe. 

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