SunYoung Lee
by lsy961014 on 19 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Imperial Whiskey was cross-edited with crocodile logo, and the crocodile was modeled and textured as much as possible to express the reel. I hope you enjoy it.

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By rebranding the Imperial Whiskey BottleI wanted to express the reel with a majestic and luxurious feeling of whiskey with a crocodile logo.

From concept, layout, conti, modeling to the end of compositing, I tried to solve the blockage on the way, so I could learn more delicately and much more.

After modeling with maya, we used zbrush to scoop and textured using mari and substens paint.

 and synthesized PassComp with nuke.

I focused on creating a more realistic crocodile living in a more realistic place.

I've come to see you as an improvement following 2020.

Thank you.

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