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Fantasy Illustration

Fantasy Illustration

Chad Thurman
by GlitterDaddy on 13 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Fantasy illustration of goblin girls of Dnd moments

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Title: Fishing 

The subject was trying to make was a lineless illustration and also first attempt of making the sea. The challenge for me was making sure the little girl stands out and isn't lost to the sea monster or to the background.  But after couple of days trying different ways. I think this best approach to this while being self taught of the lineless style. 

Title: ig'm goingg to slay thle dragon!

The story behind this was  that me and my friends  were playing Dnd and my character got drunk and wanted to slay the dragon even though she was about 2.75 feet tall and was also a defender. After the game I wanted to illustrate the moment and try a new style. The style was to ink the outline of the main character while leaving the background lineless. Giving the eye a main focus to look at. The challenge was I want make sure the other characters stand out from the background and also making sure that the goblin girl was the main focus of the piece. 

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