Winston Creative Motion Reel

Winston Creative Motion Reel

Winston Koh Wen Zhong
by winston on 12 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A compilation of personal works done throughout the year. Showcasing my specialty in 3D Motion Graphics & also my interest in some visual effects.

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Hi there, here is a showreel compiled by myself to showcase the personal works done throughout the year. 

Music Credits :  Lemaitre - All I Need (Nebbra Remix).

 A Christmas Greeting E-Card done for COGS during my internship days in Hong Kong, by using a Christmas factory with a twist at the end, showing it is actually just a gift box.

Sound Design : Karl Leung

A Chinese New Year greeting e-card done for COGS during my internship days in Hong Kong using the concept of the beast "Nian" to build the claw machine and by using the toy dogs to represent the Year of the Dog is over and The Year of the Pig has arrived.

Sound Design: Tereza

A personal work done to reintroduce the Eau de Parfum II by BVLGARI. 

Music credit: C’est Si Bon - Halie Loren

A personal work done by myself, showcasing one of my favorite Xbox games of all time with a short title sequel with an epic and eerie vibe to it. Definitely a classic.

Music credit: Steve Jablonsky - Gears of War 2 Main theme.

A personal work as I am a fan of dinosaurs, especially Jurassic Park. It can be said that the movie was one of the best classics.

Music credit: Michael Giacchino - The Park Is Closed - Universal Pictures Film Music

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