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Thibaut Sertin - Character Animator Entry

Thibaut Sertin - Character Animator Entry

Thibaut Sertin
by thibautsertin on 12 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello everyone, It is a pleasure to be with you all here. This is my entry for 3D Animation contest with my Demoreel 2020-2021 did in Gobelins L'école de l'image. It was an amazing year with greats peoples, I've learned a lot by them and I'm very happy to share this with you !

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Now I really want to explain you step by step every shot in my demoreel with some breakdowns.

The Pantomime, at the beginning of this project I was anxious to work with two character in the same time , for the first time. This course helped me a lot with the weight of the characters, timing and spacing. 

Acting Reacting, it was the first course after a lot of bodymechanics exercices and I was really enjoyed to practice the facial expressions for the first time on this character. I learned a lot on this project about the connections ( Eyebrows , mouth corners and others ) .

The Acting-Lipsync course was really intense, the first real lipsync exercice I did. It was really exciting and funny to work on this course with this Rig . 

The Quadruped course was really interesting after a lot of exercices on human rigs. It changes so much but it was so funny after a while to understand the rig and the character.

The Cartoon course helped me a lot to understand that we can broke the rig and don't fear about it, to have a 2D animation perception to get better silhouette. This Course brought me a lot !

Finally I want to thank :

-Jim Bierton
-Augustin Clermont
-Charlie Aufroy
-Giusi Marrone
-Joe Darko
-Rémy Pricaz
-Jérémy Fromentin
-Benoit Bargeton

My colleagues & friends.

Thanks for watching my work and I hope you liked it ! 

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