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by nawanjunhasiri on 22 Apr 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Beyond the sea, beneath the waves the diver delved to the deepest depth

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Beyond the sea,
beneath the waves
the diver delved
to the deepest depth

Where all the light could not travel through
and blue
was the only color left

There he saw the most precious hue
In those beautiful eyes
The scheme of deep ocean
That made you forget the sky

And suddenly he knew
the reason why
the sailors drowned
into the siren's tide

The demoreel project I did in Gnomon under the instruction of Miguel Ortega, based on my original concept sketch.
It's been fun working, learning and troubleshooting on this project especially when I did my own concept for this piece. It's nice to made a story came to life.

My original concept. It was super sketchy but just to know how overall things supposed to be and still open for me to add some more stuffs later.

I modeled in Zbrush and retopologized everything in Maya. Then sent them to zbrush to scultp the detail and baked the displacement map.

The hair was done in xgen. Some part of texture works were done in substance painter and some are v-ray percedual textures. Then I set up the lighting. The most fun part.

I render lighting pass separately because the caustic will be animated.

I also separated the ocean in the background.

The terrain background was done in Houdini, corals from speed tree and some were sculpted quickly in zbrush.

And I rendered that caustic separately for the background too because it will be easier to adjust in compositing process.

Also separated the foreground for it would be easier to comp later.

Then I put everything together in Nuke and make some adjustment.

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