Blender Works, 1 year latter

Blender Works, 1 year latter

Guillermo Galaad Mora Rodríguez
by galaad on 12 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, this is my entry for 2021, this entry has 3 projects, an environment, a prop & a cinematic asset

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Environment, Prop & Cinematic asset

Hi, my name is Guillermo Mora, I am a mexican civil engineer trying to enter in the videogame industry as an environment artist. This is the result of one year of studies at platzi's videogames school ( ) where i did mainly 4 courses (asset creation, modular modeling, texturing & lighting for videogames) hope you like it !

Environment: Dark Tamagotchi's House 

In this project every unique asset was created the same way, I created the base mesh in blender, then export them as an FBX into zbrush to add details, then I decimated them and i finally did retopology, most assets didn't need retopo because the base mesh was also the low poly. In the course I learnt how to bake in marmoset, but I did the bake in painter, since i already have painter.

In order to add a little bit of life to my environment I added the magic spell in the center of the platform. For that I followed a great tutorial by Bruno Afonseca ( )  

Main Assets 

This environment has 2 special assets. The first one is the main gate, for this asset I took this concept by SY -37  where I tryed to recreate the style as much as I could, but then I had to change the color  to fit the asset into the environment.  

The second one is the center platform, for this asset I used a concept by Baldi Konijn . For this asset I created the mesh in blender and using texture painting i painted out a mask that later I used in designer to create the dragons pattern. I also sculpted some details in zbrush and some base sculpted alphas for designer. After that I baked the HP in Painter and exported those maps into designer to combine the dragons pattern (normal, ao & curvature) with the bake and finally reinported the maps into Painter for the texturing process.

Prop: Warhammer online Fan Art 

For this prop I used as reference this tutorial  By: Seth Thompson  Here he created the base mesh in 3ds Max and made some masks to apply  a pattern in Photoshop and latter applied those masks  in Zbrush. I "translated" those tecniques  into Blender & Designer and also did the bake and textures in Painter 

Cinematic Asset: Concepy By Xalapa 

This is a personal project where i take pictures of special places, objects or draws I find in the city where I live: Xalapa and i try to recreate them as photorealistic as possible. This is just a HP  that I scaled down to get a crazy amount of texel density and get more resolution, this is more an exercise/ fun project :) 

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