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Environments and more...

Environments and more...

Joe Rodrigues
by usul on 17 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi everyone, I'm a first year Game-Art student at New3dge and I'm bringing you some projects that I had a lot of fun doing and hope you enjoy them too.

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Stylised House : 

Initially, this project was only a class project during which we had to make a house using the Trimsheet technique. So I took part of the “Bird House” concept from the incredible Arturo Serrano and modified it a bit to have more fun. Then I decided to finalize it in my free time by adding some props, some foliage, some fx and especially some lighting that would make me happy to watch. Finally, I completed this project in about three weeks. I really enjoyed doing this project. It was both calming and fun. 

Process : 

I first of all realized the blocking of my house in Unreal. In a second step, I started to model the base of the shapes of this one in order to have the dimensions to make my Trimsheets. Then, I made my Trimsheets on Zbrush and Substance Painter. (For Bake and Texturing.) Then I did my first lighting pass, I modeled the final rendering of my house (11500 Polys) and I unfolded it with Rizom. After placing my UVs correctly, I definitely integrated my assets into Unreal. Finally, I was able to proceed with the final lighting of my scene while incorporating foliage that I created with a database downloaded from Mégascan, FX by composing my shaders ( They were rather simple so it's okay ahah ) And finally, I was able to do my Post Process before doing my renderings. 

FX Explosion :

Here is my first FX made during Alexandre Vlong's course in two weeks at New3Dge. It is done in UE4 with Niagara and the Shader system. I had never done complex FX before, and I loved it! I am seriously thinking of devoting myself to it in my free time in order to gain more experience and why not one day make lots of beautiful FX for big projects.

Valley : 

Valley is an environment created during a project at New3dge school based on the incredible concept of Matteo Bassini. We had to create an environment with the theme "Planet Alien". The objective was to integrate the buildings and to texturize them with the Trimsheet technique. This project allowed me to improve my skills in Unreal, in particular lighting! I chose this concept because I knew that it would allow me to increase my skills in this field. Also, I was also able to evolve in the field of creating moving shader, foliage or even water animation. All textures were created in Substance Painter, asset modeling was created using 3DsMax and Zbrush.

Stylised Scythe : 

Project carried out during the weapon creation course at New3dge in two weeks. This was my first time considering stylised and loved it! Especially when I started to sculpt and texture, when I was able to play with all the nuances of colors.

Process : 

So I started by designing my weapon, then I sculpted it on Zbrush, I baked it on Marmoset and textured it on Substance Painter. Finally, I imported it on UE4 to add FX, and play with the lighting to produce my renderings.

Corridor SciFi

Project carried out during Unreal's course at New3dge. Concept Art of the door by Paul Pepera.

Although this was my first project on Unreal, I really had fun bringing it to life. Both in modeling like texturing, lightning or Fx, this software made me dream!

Process :

So I started to model the big shapes of my assets on 3DsMax, then I quickly turned with constantly Max, Unreal and Photoshop open. Apart from the Alien assets, the modeling was mainly done on Max and the texturing was done on Unreal. Once my tests are finished (Size, Lights, Build my scene, Texturing), I finished modeling my assets, then I unfolded them with 3DsMax and finally, I was able to integrate them definitively in Unreal in order to start to use them texture with Master Materials. I included my lights in Blueprints then I started to detail my scene by adding dust, puddles with VertexPaint, decals, and Fx (Smoke, particles, and fog). Finally, I started to do my post process, with the different parts of Unreal and the LUT. Then I placed my camera and made my renderings.


At the beginning, this project was only a class project during which we had to speed sculpt a weapon. So I took the famous Arthas sword that Blizzard was able to create. Then, I decided to finalize it during my free time. So I did the sculpt of the weapon with Zbrush, then I did the retopology with 3D Coat and finally the texturing and rendering with Substance Painter.

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