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Tails of The City : Pet Welfare Centre

Tails of The City : Pet Welfare Centre

Meredith Kua Ming Yee
by meredithkua on 11 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

+ issues regarding animals have always moved me & the passing of my late foster pet has inspired the creation of this project in efforts to hopefully spark a second thought in us on how the animal welfares should be always protected & improved. I hope it speaks for our furry friends who couldn't speak for themselves +

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+ the project aims to inspire spread awareness regarding the issues of pet welfare / human-pet interaction for a healthier, more balance & responsible society.

^ Interactive Garden with Adoption Areas & Bird Aviary

As the central emphasis of the centre, the space encourages closer communication among humans & pets while gathering the community of all ages to spend time and interact with our furry friends. The Adoption Areas promotes the adoption practice to rehome stray / lost pets with love. The Bird Aviary housed pet birds like a mini bird park that allows close contact & viewing.

^ Front Facade

^ Reception & Waiting Lounge

Designed in a hugging form to radiate a welcoming atmosphere located right at the entrance with a safety barricade.

^ Bar & Diner

The Diner is designed towards a neutral scheme to compliments & blend in the surrounding nature as it is fully glassed from the roof to windows promised with surrounding views. The Diner offers pet & human friendly seating areas where both parties can bond & spend time together when eating. 

^ Courtyard with Outdoor Dining & Pet Feeding Area

A space for exploration & fun that leads to a staircase at the end from the Diner, Outdoor Dining & Paw Treatment. There is also a Pet Feeding Area where visitors could feed pets, learn about rightful pets' eating habits & knowledge of a healthy pets' diet.

[Left] The Pet Pawty Room is designed for small events & celebrations that involves the participation of pets, encourage sense of compassionate towards the users by appreciating the existence of our furry friends.

[Right] The Medical Area accommodates veterinary services that include surgery, check ups, healthcare, ward & treatment for pets. It is designed as a joyful neighborhood layout to reduce the anxiousness for pets when they visit the vet.

^ Paw Treatment

A cozy & airy space that encourages elderlies to spend time with the pets intimately as part of the "Paws for Love Program" for mutual companionship. The space encourages the "Read to Pet" activity as well where children can learn how to care for pets. The space is promised with daylight & ventilation for the users' well-being.

^ Pet Carnival

Holds interactive pet shows where visitors could dress up their pets (willingly) & have idea-changing sessions while bonding with the pets. It is designed with uplifting colours & vibes of a fun fair to offer a dynamic space to cater the activities.

[Left] The Pet Care area offers paid services like pet cleaning & grooming as an effort fund the centre while promoting the importance of pet’s wellness.

[Right] The Small Pets Quarter accommodates smaller domesticated pets like aquatic pets, rabbits, tortoise etc that also promotes adoption while providing rightful information as educational approach to the visitors. The spaces are designed as close to the pets' natural habitats for their wellness.

[Left Floor] The Cat Garden with several entertaining cat furniture allows visitors to tag along together with cats before adoption.

[Right Floor] The Workshop holds training, volunteer & therapeutic activities. Both the mezzanine floors sandwiched a central stairs for maximum exposure.

^ Interactive Garden

The retractable glass roof offers stack ventilation for a better indoor air quality, where the holographic tint radiates rays of colourful aurora through the daylight, making the indoors a rather magical & extraordinary experience, emphasizing how pets deserve to live healthily in a loving, happy land too.

^ Isometric View

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