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FX Demo Reel | Edmond Boulet-Gilly

FX Demo Reel | Edmond Boulet-Gilly

Edmond Boulet-Gilly
by edmondbgilly on 17 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Taking inspiration from real life footage, personal photography work and even from the Assassin’s Creed universe, I am honored to submit my demo reel for the Rookies! Thanks to SideFX for such a wonderful tool and to my instructors who guided me as I celebrate my 1st year in VFX.

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Cardinal Crowd | Inspired by Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Combining Crowd and Vellum, this project is inspired by the amazing work of DIGIC Pictures from the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood E3 Trailer of 2010.

Entirely rendered in Redshift, the main focus was to make a light and robust vellum system where all details were stored at shader level, while taking advantage of multiple UV space and Bump maps Blending. The bridge that exists between crowd and vellum took my understanding of the Vellum data structure to a whole new level and I cannot thank SideFX enough for listening to my feedback and improving that feature over the year.

Operation Teapot Apple-2 | RBD Project

Breakdown and shots, entirely made in Houdini, rendered in Mantra and composed in Nuke.

Making use of custom guided RBD, multi-res workflow, procedural building and fracturing I aimed to make the closest 1:1 reproduction of the infamous Operation Teapot Apple-2 nuclear test. Such a great insight in impact, shockwave and motion.

Procedural Wisteria | Procedural Geo Project

Inspired by Japan's wisteria tunnels.

While exploring how to have multiple layer of branches that grow on a structure, the idea to use particles that are guided by fields and interact with each other came naturally.

Also featuring some custom UV unwrapping, Dynamic and Static intersection solving, making custom HDA and a bit of vellum for the falling leaves.

Long Exposure Sparks

2 years ago, a group of friends and I organized a trip to the Pyrenees mountains. It was an exciting opportunity for dozens of young photographers to expand their horizons and learn about night time nature photography.

Quentin Bailleul, who taught me so much about photography, went out of his way to bring iron straw so everyone could study long exposure to sparks. Revisiting photos taken this week-end and reproducing them in Houdini​ was a good exercise that reminded me of planetary attraction as well as curved trajectory.

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