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Vintage Apartment - Denis Schörnig

Vintage Apartment - Denis Schörnig

Denis Schörnig
by denisschoernig on 11 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Welcome to my second Rookie entry which I created in my education at Pixlvisn Media Arts Academy in Cologne, Germany. Below you can find the project with breakdowns and information about the development process.

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In this project I wanted to show my look development and photorealistic skill. So, the idea of an interior came up. First, I looked for a living or a bedroom because the wrinkles of a pillow look really realistic. After searching on Artstation and Pinterest I found three concepts that I really liked. Patrick Weber’s concept caught me the most because I really liked the atmosphere. In my preparations I found some models on poliigon, so I saved time with modeling and I could focus on look development.

Patrick Weber uploaded lots of pictures from the apartment, so I could see the rooms from different angles. This helped me a lot for photorealism, the room layout, the materials and for modeling the objects with the right proportions.

After choosing Weber I started with the blockout of the rooms. First, I orientated on real world measurements, but after the walls and a few blocks, representing furniture, I set up my reference camera. Then I adjust the models and start with detail modeling. In this step I also did a test lighting setup. So I could render my reference cam and compare it with the concept. When modeling was mostly done, I start with shading and texturing. For texturing I used Substance Painter for the most objects. The textures of the models I got from poliigon I adjusted with nodes in the hypershade in maya. There I merged them with noise and clouds. Also very important were the displacement maps, especially for the floor and the chair cloth. After finishing with the shading and texturing I set up my final lighting setup. With my final lights I changed some materials and give them the finishing touch. For this project nuke was really important for look development, so I start early with a few compositing tests.

clay - wireframe - AO - render

In this project it was challenging to find the same camera angle and model everything in the right size of the concept, but otherwise the models should look in other perspectives correct as well. 

Light: direct - windows room 01 - windows room 02 - final

Comp breakdown: render - add dust - lut - lens distortion - reference 

From this project I learn how to deal with a fix reference and how to create a photorealistic interior. Moreover, I rendered this project on the renderfarm from FoxRenderfarm, so I got experience for future projects.

Maps: lighting - reflection - specular - GI - SSS

Credits: (chairs, plants, books, sunglasses) (plants, curtain) (bike)

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