Buddy - Real-Time Character

Buddy - Real-Time Character

Ekaterina Lebedeva
by ekaterinalebedeva on 8 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My personal Unreal Engine 4 project based on the amazing concept art by Roman Tishenin - Buddy https://www.artstation.com/artwork/On1gy

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Modeling was done in Maya and ZBrush. Maps were baked in Substance Painter. Hair was created by placing hair cards with Maya's bend modifiers. Skin was hand-painted. The whole scene was built and rendered in UE4. No post processing was involved.

4K Texture Sets

Body: 98,430 tris

Hair: 48,486 tris


Backpack with blade and tools: 19,332 tris

Spear: 17,656 tris

Gun: 12, 428 tris

Knife: 4,150 tris

Left bag: 5,042 tris

Right bag: 3,632 tris

Hand mitten: 5,448 tris

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