The Meet up - William Street

The Meet up - William Street

Alex Ireland
by 04irale on 7 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A stylized recreation of William Street located in Perth, Western Australia.

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I decided to recreate street from my home town, Perth. I decided on William street due to it having some of Perth's most iconic buildings, such as the BHP building.

From here It was time to decide the style and aesthetic that I wanted to achieve. So I took to concepting and colour charting. Creating a 2D concept design in Krita for the layout of the street, and in Maya a 3D greybox.

In William street the two forefront buildings, The Royal and Wellington, I decided to make these two buildings the star of the show. This was in part of them being closest to camera. Due to the repetitive nature of these buildings though I adopted a modular asset workflow to create these buildings.

Due to the repetitive nature of the materials I decided to use TRIM sheets, as it would save in both time and texel density

At this point I start imaging a Day night cycle. So I took some of the assets into marmoset to visualize the morning, midday and night time lighting

After this stage I took it into Unreal Engine 4. Where I quickly Created the layout and composition for the scene

After implementing the assets I started to play with the lighting and the composition. I decided to add rain at the beginning of they day/night cycle.

This is the final composition shot I choose. I refine the lighting adding more spot lights and point lights to add more defined highlights and shadows through out the environment.

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