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Michael Woods - 2021 Portfolio

Michael Woods - 2021 Portfolio

by mwoods94 on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A showcase of the projects I have worked on for the past year, this includes my Final Major Project at the University of Hertfordshire and a couple personal projects.

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                          Michael Woods

                                          3D Environment Artist

My name is Michael Woods and I am a Games Art graduate of the University of Hertfordshire! Specialising in environment art, I am currently developing new skills with modelling, pushing myself further with sculpting inside of Zbrush and trying new software such as Marmoset Designer for furniture. 

This entry showcases the progress I have made over the past year, featuring :

Final Major Project - A Medieval Castle -  A vast environment created within a 3 month span including pre-production, a solo project that was undertook within strict time restraints and careful planning. 

A Relinquished Life - An environment created in my spare time within a month, based on an artwork by Andrej Rempel ( 

Medieval Cart - An asset created for the Medieval Castle project, using a modular workflow to ensure high texel density. High poly sculpted within Zbrush and baked inside of Substance Painter, textured using the PBR Roughness/Metalness workflow.

The Statue of Morr - The Old World mod asset - An asset I created for the modding team called The Old World, a team of developers recreating the Warhammer Fantasy Universe within Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. 

A Medieval Castle - Final Major Project 

This Medieval Environment was for my FInal Major Project at the University of Hertfordshire. As a solo project, I have learnt a lot regarding time management and utilising modular techniques to create this full environment in the time. All models are created within Maya and Zbrush with a high to low poly workflow. PBR Roughness and Metallic textures were used. The houses are made from modular components, allowing customizability.

The skybox is by UnEasy on the UE4 marketplace.

Some materials were created within Zbrush, others within substance Alchemist such as the cobblestone floor and the mud. Below are examples of how I created the materials within Zbrush.

                   A Relinquished Life - Personal Project

Based on an artwork by Andrej Rempel , this personal project was completed within a month. All models were modelled within Autodesk Maya, textured with Substance Painter. A lot of the height information is created using stencils within Painter and using different height values to influence the texture, rather than sculpting. This was a more efficient method, however some models such as the picture frames and wall trimsheet were sculpted inside of Zbrush and then baked. 

Artwork for the paintings and plate are not my art, these were sourced online and then applied as a base colour. 

This project pushed my software knowledge, allowing me to venture into new territory - Marvelous Designer. Marvelous allowed me to create realistic cloth simulation using my models as the base meshes. This project was the first time I have used raytracing in UE4.

A video showing the progress throughout the project. I posted regularly on my blog at:

                                        Medieval Cart Asset

An asset for my Medieval Castle environment, created using modular pieces to ensure a higher texel density. Modelled in Maya, highpoly created within Zbrush and textured within Substance Painter. Using two texture sets, each 2048 x 2048.

Check out the asset on artstation here

Statue of Morr Asset - The Old World mod 

I created this large environment asset based on a warhammer fantasy tabletop model of the same name "The Statue Of Morr". Using two texture sets, one for the stone pillar at 2048, the other for the metallic statue at 1024. Sculpted within Zbrush, remodelled within Maya and textured inside of Substance Painter.

This asset is for the Mount and Blade Bannerlord mod - The Old World

See artstation post here

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