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Mike Thurston, 3D-Generalist

Mike Thurston, 3D-Generalist

Michael Jay Thurston
by michaelthurston on 13 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hello all, I am a current Student at Gnomon with a passion for tech, sculpting and bringing concepts to life. I still have a great deal of improvement to make and content to create. You can also find me at

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This piece was created for a Texturing 2 Class at Gnomon. The concept is my own sketch which I built upon. combining steam engine elements with a rifle. 

Light Pass to V-ray render to Final Composition in Photoshop. 

This is a piece made for a Hard Surface 1 Class based on the concept by Cameron Sewell, I feel my Maya hard surface skills have improved considerably since making this piece and I am making a massive scale wise, vehicle this term. I hope to share my new piece if I finish it in time. 

This piece was created for a Gnomon Introduction to Maya final. It is based on the concept piece by David Noren. . It was the first time I had used Vray and created a full environment interior from a 2D concept. Its also one of the first pieces I did at Gnomon in Maya so it serves as a self reminder to push myself further in my works and how i'm improving.

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