Iva Tsvetkova-  3D assets and environments collection

Iva Tsvetkova- 3D assets and environments collection

Iva Tsvetkova
by ivatsvetkova on 2 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Welcome to my collection of game- ready 3D assets and environments done in the period of 2019-2021

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The Forest Path

In the beginning of my entry I'd like to start with a very recent project that I call the Forest path. The idea was to create an environment using megascans around a singular camera view. As a practice I also made my own stone and fern with materials in Substance Painter and in Substance Designer.

Cozy living room

This next project is quiet similar to the Forest path, but it was made in an ArchViz kind of way. The main difference was using another workflow for the lighting and creating two difficult Substance Designer materials- the floor and the fluffy carpet. Meshes are again from Unreal library.

Sci-Fi cloning facility

Next comes the biggest 3D project I have ever created- a sci- fi cloning facility where afterwards they take care of the children until they grow up. The player plays as one of these children and starts the mini game in his room. He finds a note on his desk from his "partner in crime"  and sneakes out during the night to have a play-pretend at a restricted area- the med bay.

The level was created with modular meshes and trim textures in Unreal Engine 4.

Capture sequence

Walk trough and game play


After the environments comes a small collection of my favourite 3D assets I've created following the full game asset pipeline. All of them have a high poly version baked on a low poly in Substance Painter, then textured there with PBR materials and in the end I took them to Unreal Engine for the beauty shots.

First on the list is the Tweeter, the concept is from Sheng Lam https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zADNeZ

Utility Knife


Faurin Doramel

Faurin Doramel is an original character of mine, she started as a DnD phoenix sorcerer, but after the sessions ended I took her to Zbrush and sculpted her using one of my concept art sketches as a reference.

Wizard's treasures

A sculpted diorama of some wizards props left in a forest. The potion concept art is by Dmitry Kuznetsov, the book concept is by Katya Art and the mimic concept is by Yulia Zubareva.

Mercedes- Benz 170

A mercedes modeled and textured in 3dsMax. This was one of my early works. My main goal was to learn high poly modeling, texturing and rendering in 3dsMax.

Thank you for taking time to scroll all the way to the end of my entry, I hope you enjoyed it!

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