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Stephanie Gadsden

Stephanie Gadsden

Canada, Vancouver | Lost Boys | School of Visual Effects, Advanced Visual Effects Compositing
Visual Effects

About Me

I am a Compositor, NAFTA eligible, currently residing in Vancouver BC. I specialize in 2D / 3D Compositing, BG Prep, Keying and CG Integration.

I'm an individual with a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Animation at SAE Institute Mexico, with experience in the field of VFX: Roto/ Paint and Compositing (Node Based and Layer Based). Also an efficient individual with a little experience doing Motion Graphics for TV.



Compositing Practicum Student
Stargate Studios
Jan 2018 – Mar 2018
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Primarily comping shots and doing green screen keys for the feature film: The Happy Time Murders (2018). 

Compositor/ Motion Graphics Artist
Freelancer / Self Employed
Jun 2015 – Present
 • - 2015 - Camera Operator/ Animator
•Que Pena Tu Vida - 2016 (Movie) - Junior Compositor (Nuke)
•Te Juro Que Yo No Fui - 2016 (Movie) - Junior Compositor (Nuke)
•Entre Correr y Vivir - 2016 (TV Show) - Junior Compositor (Nuke)
•Grupo Imagen - October 2016 - Motion Graphics Artist (After Effects)
• - 2016 - Camera Operator
•Las Siete Muertes - 2016-2017 (Movie) - Junior Compositor (Nuke) 

Junior Motion Graphics Artist
Mar 2016 – Jul 2016
 TV spots & commercials for a telecommunications company

CGI Generalist
Lemon Films
Feb 2015 – Sep 2015
 KM 31 Sin Retorno (Movie)
-3D Character Animation & Tracking with Maya
-Matchmove with 3D Equalizer

Compositor / Motion Graphics Artist
Limón Azul Films
May 2014 – Aug 2015
Video Editing, Motion Graphics & Keying as a Freelancer. (After Effects & Nuke) 

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