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Robin Middeke

Robin Middeke

Germany, Cologne | PIXL VISN | media arts academy, 3D Animation & Visual Effects
Visual Effects

About Me

With Peter Pan through Neverland, between the skyscrapers of New York with Spider-Man - especially as a child - these moments are always like a little piece of magic in my life. Even today when I look back on these moments, I am still impressed by how much detail and love is in just a few seconds, which gives the audience that certain feeling. As I grew older, I decided to become part of it. Inspire the audience, pass on a piece of magic.



15 month educational program at PIXL VISN Media Arts Academy in Cologne, Germany
  • Learned all aspects of the CG pipeline by professionals from the industry, such as James Schauf, Frederic Durand, Jonathan Symmonds (...)
  • experienced with tight deadlines and one-week projects
"Eternal War" - upcoming indie-movie 
  • responsible for an opening scene as modeling and texture artist
  • learned to work as a team in a pipeline

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