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Rebecca Rodriguez

Rebecca Rodriguez

Canada, Vancouver | Vancouver Film School, Classical Animation
Feature Animation

About Me

I've wanted to work in the animation industry ever since I was a kid pausing my VHS tapes to discover what made drawings move. Growing up I compromised my original dream of animating to study graphic design. At the time it, it felt like a more stable job to have given that there are no animation studios where I lived and 2D animation was not as prevalent as 3D. After a few years working in that field I realized that I'd never be satisfied with my work, or my life, unless i risked it all to study animation. Since then I enrolled and graduated from the Classical Animation program at Vancouver Film School and am currently looking for work in what I love. I am very happy so far with the decisions I've made and impressed myself with the quality and amount of work I'm able to do and hope to do this for the rest of my life.


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